Efficient Electromagnetic Heating Soup Pot Series

3-30KW Customized

The Latest Technology And Amazing Cost Savings

3-30KW Customized
All kinds Of Cooktop Use Induction Heating

Kitchen More Comfortable

Because Combustion Gas Emissions Are Zero More
Kitchen More Comfortable
Fast! Significantly Improve Efficiency By 30%

No Open-Flame Burning

New Generation Is Highest Commercial Safety Level More
No Open-Flame Burning

Commercial Kitchen • Induction Heating New Age

Reject "OUT" ! Natural/Petroleum Gas、Electric wire heating has been obsolete and dangerous、inefficient and high cost,

Enter OLVYUAN High Power Induction Cooker Product Center

Immediately become our channel distributors

OEM custom high power commercial kitchen equipment with different functions

Commercial Kitchen Induction Cooktop Successful Example

These famous restaurant brands, They get what progress and improvement?

Why Choose OLVYUAN Commercial Induction Cooktop ?

Whether you are a chef or a businessman, congratulations!you have approached a whole new field.

  • Energy Saving And Efficient

    Energy Saving And Efficient

    New heating mode improves the thermal conversion energy efficiency by more than 30%. For details of the working principle, see "Comparison of the working principle between electromagnetic induction and traditional electric heating"

  • Huge Market

    Huge Market

    Commercial kitchen equipment field of use include: schools, factories, restaurants, food processing, public canteens, government agencies. these kitchens have to be replaced with more advanced technology, the number is inestimable.

  • Very Safety

    Very Safety

    Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are very dangerous, traditional electric heating wires often have fires.Commercial induction cooker coils are not in direct contact with the pot body and are heated by induction, No fire, no leaks, no poisoning.

  • Low-noise


    The kitchenware itself does not generate heat and is a low-noise cooking device, creating a comfortable working environment.

  • Environmentally And Hygiene

    Environmentally And Hygiene

    Zero emissions, zero pollution, no radiation, no exhaust gas and other harmful gases, real environmental protection and hygiene.

  • Super High Quality

    Super High Quality

    All stainless steel structure, high temperature resistance of 600 degrees, impact resistance, high temperature glass-ceramic, exquisite production technology, strict quality control.

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